Monday, April 24, 2017

How does STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) prevent or stop broadcast storms?

a. It examines the source IP address field in each broadcast packet and temporarily blocks
traffic from that address.
b. It enables routers to choose one set of best paths and ensures that alternate paths are used
only when the best paths are obstructed.
c. It enables switches to calculate paths that avoid potential loops and artificially blocks the
links that would complete a loop.
d. It enables firewalls to keep access lists that name hosts known for high-volume broadcast
traffic and block those hosts from transmitting to the network.
e. It helps routers define the boundaries of a broadcast domain.

It takes way too long to connect to a network resource.

Make sure that the network is not being overloaded. Most network devices, such as hubs and routers, display a percentage of bandwidth being used; check this display to determine whether the network is being saturated. You can also use network monitoring software to do the same thing. Further, you should determine who and what is being affected. Maybe you are experiencing a broadcast storm on
one segment and not another.

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