Sunday, April 23, 2017


What three services are usually included with the NETBIOS protocol?

A. NBT, NetBIOS session,and NetBIOS datagram
B. NBT, asymmetric session, and NetBIOS datagram
C. NetBIOS datagram, NBT, and NetBIOS AD
D. NetBIOS datagram, NBT, and NetBIOS SCP

A. NBT (NetBIOS over TCP/IP) uses UDP 137; NetBIOS session uses TCP 139; NetBIOS
datagram uses UDP 138.

What port number is used by NetBIOS for name services?

A. UDP port 137
B. TCP port 137
C. UDP port 190
D. None

A. UDP port 137 provides name services with NetBIOS.

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