Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Web-of-trust - PKI

Web-of-trust - pgp - you can sigh some key - trust the friend who have some credibility.
EC-Council, and its documentation up through version 8, defines Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) as a
free, open source e-mail encryption method available for all to use. In truth, PGP is now synonymous with a single company’s offering, based on the original PGP. The true open source, free
side of it now is known more by OpenPGP ( ). OpenPGP uses a
decentralized system of trusted introducers that act in the same way as a certificate authority. Basically, in this web-of-trust relationship, if User A signs User B’s certificate, then anyone who
trusts User A will also trust User B. You can find downloads for software still using the free, open PGP at .
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker - Matt Walker

IP forwarding

However, for firewalls using multiple interfaces, ensure that you disable the TCP/IP protocol feature IP forwarding. IP forwarding is actual...