Monday, May 8, 2017


To increase wireless network security, you have decided to implement port-based security. Which of the following standards specifies port-based access control?

 A. 802.11X
 B. 802.1X
 C. 802.11ac
 D. 802.11n

EAP was a huge success and almost overnight gave those who needed point-to-point authentication a one-stop-shop methodology to do so. EAP was so successful that there was a cry to develop an EAP solution for Ethernet networks. This solution is called 802.1X. Whereas traditional EAP is nothing more than an authentication method wrapped in PPP, 802.1X gets rid of the PPP (Ethernet is not a point-to-point protocol!) and instead puts the EAP information inside an Ethernet frame.
802.1X is a port-authentication network access control mechanism for networks. In other words, it’s a complete authentication standard designed to force devices to go through a full AAA process to get anywhere past the interface on a gateway system. Before 802.1X, a system on a wired network could always access another system’s port. 
From Mike Meyers 

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