Monday, May 8, 2017

DHCP Relay Agent

Your company has two subnets on its network. Subnet A uses 192.168.1.X, subnet B uses 192.168.2.X. An Administrator installs a new server on subnet A and assigns it the address of, with a DHCP scope of– The users on subnet A complain that they cannot connect to company resources. The users on subnet B have no problems. How would you correct this problem?
  • A. Add a DHCP Relay Agent
  • B. Add a second DHCP Scope
  • C. Add an Alias record for subnet A to the DNS server
  • D. Have the users on Subnet A reboot their machines

Some types of broadcast traffic, such as DHCP messages, need to travel beyond the broadcast domain. Not all VLAN keeps its own DHCP server. A centrally managed DHCP server can provide DHCP to multiple VLANs by configuring a DHCP relay agent. A router programmed to support a relay agent receives the message and creates a message of its own to send the specified DHCP traffic beyond the broadcast domain. On some Cisco products, a more robust command, ip helper-address, can be configured to create and send helper messages to support several types of UDP traffic, including DHCP, TFTP, DNS, and NetBIOS.

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