Monday, May 1, 2017

Crosstalk and wiring problems

 You are wiring a new network. Due to space limitations, you need to run several cables close to each other. After the setup, you find that the signals from each cable are overlapping. Which term describes what is happening?
 A. Attenuation
 B. Crosstalk
 C. Near crosstalk
 D. Impedance
. Crosstalk can occur when the signal from one cable overlaps with the signal from another. This can sometimes happen when cables are run too close together. The remedy is to run the cables farther apart and use quality shielded cable.

Which of the following should you consider when troubleshooting wiring problems? (Choose the three best answers.)
 A. The distance between devices
 B. Interference
 C. Atmospheric conditions
 D. Connectors

A, B, D. When you troubleshoot a wiring problem, consider the distance between devices, interference such as crosstalk and EMI, and the connection points. Answer C is incorrect because bound media (that is, cables) are unaffected by atmospheric conditions.

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