Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Social engineering encompasses all the options. It is the process of tricking and manipulating people into, for example, opening a spam email, providing account login information over the phone, and tailgating or piggybacking through a mantrap or turnstile. Training employees on social engineering is a cost-effective solution for preventing such incidents.

74. Which of the following prevents tailgating or piggybacking in a computer center?
a. Cameras
b. Mantraps
c. Sensors
d. Alarms
74. b. Tailgating (piggybacking) means an unauthorized person is following an authorized
person into a facility. It can be prevented by the use of mantraps where they take a measurement
of the body weight of a person entering the computer center doors and combine it with a
biometric feature such as a fingerprint scan. If the person is not authorized to enter this highly
sensitive area, he will not be allowed to proceed further, and security authorities will be
Surveillance cameras are passive and do not take any action. Sensors and alarms do not have
the intelligence built in similar to that of mantraps and can give rise to false alarms.

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