Friday, July 7, 2017

Create Hyper-V external VMSwitch with PowerShell

Select the PowerShell cmdlet with basic syntax if you want to create a private network switch called HalifaxLAN and connect it to your VM's adapter named NSNet1.

New-VMSwitch “HalifaxLAN” -NetAdapterName “NSNet1” -SwitchType Private

New-VMSwitch “HalifaxLAN” -NetAdapterName “NSNet1” -SwitchType "Private"

New-Switch “HalifaxLAN” -NetAdapterName “NSNet1” -SwitchType "Private"

New-Switch “HalifaxLAN” -NetAdapterName “NSNet1” -SwitchType Private

Create Hyper-V external VMSwitch with PowerShell

You can create Hyper-V VMSwitches very easely with Powershell since Hyper-V 2012 :
New-VMSwitch -NetAdapterName "Ethernet" -Name vEthExternal -AllowManagementOS $true
New-VMSwitch -Name 'vPrivate' -SwitchType Private
New-VMSwitch -Name 'vInternal' -SwitchType Internal
Hint : The first NIC of a computer is allways named “Ethernet”.
You can check the result with :

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