Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gratitude – Final Countdown – Challenge

Sometimes when we are not a specialist in a field, we rely on friends or close people who are willing to help and take their time just because we are connected in many ways, and we can help others with their legitimate doubts, creating some fraternity among those who are studying.

Photo by Lou Levit on Unsplash

I was trying to resolve one specific challenge regarding programming and I was struggling to understand some connection between some object and variables, besides, of course, the lack of creativity that froze my mind. Moreover, I needed to create a solution using the regular commands in an inventive way, because the solution was not on Google explicitly. Everything to get the “infamous” flag…

Therefore, I tried to reach some friend spreading and widening the challenge to their mind, which, by the way, had the Elite status level – calling for attention and defiance.

When I found Bijan Natividad - - an admin from a group on Facebook related to JavaScript, I thought – Today is very difficult to find someone with time and willingness to help newbies, but I will try. Talking to him and with other friends from Brazil, Germany, and other countries, we were starting to solve, sometimes just trying to check what is not the logical path to find the flag, other times just trying to connect with the XMLHttpRequest using Javascript provided, which was connected with 5 different links providing on every 10 seconds 5 different codes.

Kembolle Amilcar gave to me some enlightenment about what could be the trigger and what couldn’t be, and as always, his pertinent comments helped me a lot.
Haoni Hashimoto also helped me in another challenge where we had to decrypt two hexadecimal using XOR as a means of doing a parity check. A final bitstring which created parity with a meaningful message. If you XOR the bits together, you can tell if the message is connected with the main mission.

Bijan Natividad just explained how was simple to him to solve – the Final Countdown Challenge - using Javascript – i.e, inserting the code into the console where the loop worked through the link waiting to get all five codes and at the end, changing from asynchronous to synchronous, get the 200 ok and parsing the 5 codes into the final link, solving the puzzle with ability. Here I have to point that patience is a great virtue which we can find in some friends.  

Thus, I am here to thank all my friends, represented by this two Friends, Kembolle from Brazil and Bijan from the Philippines, proving that there is a force, a collaborative force where we can rely on and evolve. My gratitude.

Afonso Henrique Rodrigues Alves

Now, I am studying much more JavaScript because I am finding at some "Find the Flag" how important is this language as a connection to injection or leaked information.

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